• Shoulder and Knee
    April 17 - 18 2020, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear TSKC Participants,

In the light of the rising concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is our duty to take all measures possible to minimize the health risk and ensure safety for everyone involved.

Considering this and based on advice given by health authorities, we have decided to postpone The Tuzla Shoulder and Knee Congress.

We regret to inform you but know it is in the best interest of our participants. Please follow our website for more information on the postponement.

Thank you for your understanding.


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What Is TSKC?

Last year we organized "Basic course of shoulder arthroscopy" - BCSA which was highly successful, so we decided make it even better this year.

2nd Shouder and Knee Course will include a complete overview of the shoulder and knee, from the basics to the most complex problems.

The course will also include lectures from international surgerons open discussion of curernt topics and two live surgeries.

Hours of content

Your hosts

Dear friends and  respected colleagues, we welcome you to Tuzla and hope you have a wonderful and memorable time in our city.

alen kameric

Dr. Alen Kamerić

Head of Clinic for orthopedics and traumatology at UKC Tuzla @Dr. Alen Kamerić
adnan v2

Dr. Adnan Kešetović

Orthopaedic surgeon at UKC Tuzla @Dr. Adnan Kešetović
avdic mirza

Dr. Mirza Avdic

Orthopaedic surgeon at UKC Tuzla

Invited Speakers

We are very pleased to announce that a number of highly qualified speakers have been selected to lecture at our Congress.


Radoslav Marčan

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra Slovenia

Benjamin Marjanovič

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra Slovenia
Foto Clara Azevedo v2

Clara Azevedo

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Portugal
ana angelo

Ana Catarina Ângelo

Orthopaedic Surgeron, at Portugal
angel masferrer 819x1024

Àngel Masferrer Pino

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Spain

Njegoš Čvorak

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Austria
Walecka Joanna K 19J

Joanna Walecka

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Poland
zupanc oskar v2

Zupanc Oskar

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Slovenia

Diklić Ivan

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Serbia
danijel matek

Danijel Matek

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Croatia

Merkač Jakob

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra, Slovenia
Missalla Adalbert mi 200px

Adalbert Missalla

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Germany
00002164 Ramadanni Florin CRDT201706071318

Florin Ramadani

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Austria
nino v2

Mirnik Nino

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra, Slovenia
Gosnik slika

Gosnik Boštjan

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Slovenia
IMG 6953 v2

Martinčič David

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Slovenia
adnan cutuk md

Adnan Ćutuk

Orthopaedic Surgeron at USA
Matevz Kuhta

Matevž Kuhta

Orthopaedic Surgeron at Slovenia
Samo Novak

Samo Novak

Medical Doctor at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra

Nabergoj Marko

Medical Doctor at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra
IMG 5173

Tomić Uroš

Radiologist at Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra
stefania v2

Stefania Kokkineli

Medical Doctor, Greece at
IMG 0281 v2

Kristjan Morgan

Physiotherapist at
Slika MM2

Marina Mršnik

Physiatrist at Slovenia

Why Should You Attend


Networking is a big reason for going to congresses, to meet with new people that share your interests. This kind of events are great way to get together with people from different countries and a wide range background. Your professional network grows, you gain new knowledge in your special area.


Conferences give you the opportunity to talk with people, exchange ideas, new tehniques, new types of equipment and all unpublished data that you can't find in classic way of knowledge acquirement. You have the opportunity to ask speakers questions about their work, thoughts behind it and everything else you can't do when reading journal articles.


This is probably the most important of all reasons to attend this kind of events: to present your work. You have the opportunity to get feedback on your work from people who have never seen it and may provide you with new approaches and give you some impuls for further development.


Our programm is still to be defined. All updates about the events  will be shown here . 

Day 1, Friday, April 17

Welcome & Course Intro
Knee Arthroscopy – Basics
Patient settings & instruments in knee
Anaestesiologic point of view in knee arthroscopy - Valič SLO
Anatomy & once inside the knee - Nebergoj SLO
Radiologic point of view - Tomić SLO
Coffee break
Shoulder Arthroscopy – Basics
Patient settings & instruments in shoulder
Anaestesiologic point of view in shoulder arthroscopy - Mikac SLO
Tips and tricks in shoulder arthroscopy - Walecka POL
Radiologic point of view shoulder - Tomić SLO
Coffee break
Knee Arthroscopy – ACL
ACL anatomy – biomechanics - Gosnik SLO
Graft options for ACL reconstruction - Martinčić SLO
ALL, lateral tenodesis – new options? - Zupanc SLO
Bilogic press-fit-hybrid ACL reconstruction technic - Missalla GER
Shoulder Arthroscopy – Instability & biceps
22Y since first arthroscopic bankart reconstruction - Diklić SRB
Bancart vs Latarjet - Marjanovič SLO
Biceps pathology - Angelo POR
SLAP lesion - Angelo POR

12:30 - 12:50 Shoulder instability in older patients - Marjanović

Live Surgery Knee - ACL recontruction and meniscus management
Coffee break
Meniscus and Knee Pathology
Meniscectomy – our results Mirnik SLO
Save the meniscus (RAMP, root tear) Merkač SLO
Rehabilitation after meniscectomy or meniscus suture / ACL reconstruction - Morgan SLO
Infections after ACL repair - Marčan SLO
Shoulder Arthroscopy – Rotator Cuff
Should we operate degenerative tears? - Azevedo POR
Subscap tear - Zupanc SLO
Different treatment options - Matek CRO
Rehabilitation after RC repair - Mrsnik SLO
Coffe break
America vs Europe
Anatomic ACL recontruction - American trends and experience - Ćutuk USA
Shoulder Instability - who, what,when,how? - Ćutuk USA
Gala Dinner (Hotel Mellain)

Day 2, Saturday, April 18

Knee Arthroscopy – PF Joint Pathology
PF pain syndrome - arthroscopy - Missalla (GER)
Diagnostic algorithm - Gosnik SLO
MPFL reconstruction, TT transfer, trochleoplasty? - Ramadani AUT
Rehabilitation after PF joint stabilization - Morgan SLO
Coffee Break
Shoulder Degenerative
Arthrosis in young patients - Ambrožić SLO
Arthrosis in old patients - Marjanović SLO
Reverse shoulder artroplasthy in fracture - Diklić SRB
Stemless, short stem, long stem? - Kokkinelli GRE
Knee Arthroscopy – complex cases
PCL, PLC - Martinčić SLO
Multiligamentary knee injuries - Masferrer SPA
Osteotomies around the knee - Čvorak AUT
Revision after failed ACL reconstruction - Merkač SLO
Live Surgery Shoulder Arthroscopy - Massive rotator cuff tear
Coffee Break
Cartilage Regeneration (PRP, Hyaluronic acid….)
Biology of the cartilage - Kuhta SLO
Microfracture? - Nabergoj SLO
PRP, HA, stem cells? - Kuhta SLO
New treatment options - Mirnik SLO
When it goes wrong (complications)
After ACL reconstruction - Ramadani AUT
After RC reconstruction - Azevedeo POR
After shoulder instability repair - Marjanovič SLO
After osteotomy - Masferrer SPA
Closing ceremony

Some impressions from last year

Here are some impressions from last year's course. For more information please visit bcsa website.


The venue this year is new. All lectures will be held in Hotel Mellain, Aleja Alije Izetbegovića 3, Tuzla 75000.

WiFi is avaiable on the venue site and around the hotel. 




until Mar 20, 2020

  • Access to the scientific sessions
  • Coffee breaks, snacks and refreshments, based on final program schedule
  • Course material, including final program
  • Gala dinner
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Orthopedic surgeon


until Mar 20, 2020

  • Access to the scientific sessions
  • Coffee breaks, snacks and refreshments, based on final program schedule
  • Course material, including final program
  • Gala dinner
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physiatrist, family medicine specialist, specialist of sports medicine


until Mar 20, 2020

  • Access to the scientific sessions
  • Coffee breaks, snacks and refreshments, based on final program schedule
  • Course material, including final program
  • Gala dinner
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After March, 20th 2020 all participants pay 30% more for same conditions. Early bird gets it.

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